Baby strollers are one of the most basic items new parents buy when they’re expecting a baby. Yet, unlike a crib or diapers, there is actually a vast variety of types of strollers to choose from. Picking the right stroller can be daunting, especially when one considers the various kinds of strollers, travel systems, accessories, and more. This is the core purpose behind BabyStrollersCentral.com and its founder, Evelyn Page. 


It wasn’t until a year after her first child that she realized there were strollers for different occasions. Joggers, travel strollers, ultra lightweight, heavy duty, all-terrain strollers, city strollers, double and even triple strollers. BabyStrollersCentral.com strives to provide definitive information on the different types of strollers with an emphasis on durability and safety. At the end of the day, it’s the health and well-being of your stroller’s passenger that comes first before all the bells and whistles.